Components – Installing the hard drive as primary master

You will find two main forms that the drive will be in, when plugged in. These will be primary master, or slave. The Primary Master, in simple terms is  the main drive that you boot from, when turning your PC on. Using this logic, this means that slave drives are secondary, tertiary, etc drives used solely for extra storage space on the computer.

Below you will find an easy step by step method to install a hard drive as primary master.

  1. Make a backup.
  2. Choose your drive from the ones you bought.
  3. Put on an Anti-Static band, just in case.
  4. Inspect for damage, make sure all the pins are straight.
  5. Mount the drive in your case.
  6. Connect the drive to your MOBO, using a SATA cable if the drive is modern, or MOLEX cable if it is old.
  7. Load up the BIOS from startup, and select the correct menu with regards to drives.
  8. Set the drive as the main boot drive for your computer, by selecting it as the primary drive.
  9. Exit out of the BIOS and restart.
  10. You will then need to configure and partition your drive, methods depend on the windows version you run.
  11. Done.



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