Components – Installing RAM

I will be removing the sticks of RAM, installing and replacing it as well. Below will be a step by step guide that you can follow to complete the task yourself, bearing in mind that not all computers are the same, and it can vary greatly for different users.


Here you can see the ram sicks, behind the MOBO power cable. To remove these you will need to push the clips either side of the sticks down, and gently pull the RAM out making sure you do not touch the conductive gold pieces on the bottom of the stick of RAM.


Here are the sticks of RAM i removed. They are both 2Gb sticks, equating to a total 4Gb’s worth of RAM.


Here is the RAM i am placing back in, an upgraded version of the same ram, slightly more modern running at a higher clock speed.


You place the RAM back in the same way as you pulled it out, just push gently on the top of the sticks and they will fall into place perfectly, making sure you have it around the exact correct way.


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