Components & Routine Maintenance Tasks – Maintaining and Replacing HDD

Here you can see we have the side of our computer off, and are looking down at the computer. Below my hand is the compartment where the hard drive and the CD reader/writer is stored. This is what we will have to remove to get at the hard drive to take it out, inspect, maintain/replace.
Here we have removed the panel with the CD w/r, and we can see the drive bay for the HDD. This HDD is screwed in and the cables are connected. What you need to do first is to remove the cables, then unscrew the drive from the housing around it. It is different on every computer, but the screws are large and stick out, so they are easy to locate.
Here is the removed drive, it is free from the housing but still on its mount. to remove the mount simply remove the four screws on the back of the drive. This can be maintained with simply compressed air being sprayed on to remove the dust, the rest you will have to do whilst the computer is turned on.


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