Configuration – Desktop Customization

There are many ways in which you can customize your desktop. These can include, the background, colour, size, icons, and shortcuts. Below you will find a step by step method of doing so.


Head to your desktop screen.

Screenshot (1).png

Right Click on the blank space on the screen, and click on Personalize.

Screenshot (2).png

You then get greeted by this menu and you can choose to have an image background.

Screenshot (3).png

You get the options to have more than just an image, you can use solid colour, slideshow or the image as i am showing you. If you choose one of the pre-installed images, just click and close the window.

Screenshot (4)

Click on Browse to choose your own personal image.

Screenshot (5).png

Locate your Image, i only had this image installed so i used this. Click choose picture once you are done.

Screenshot (6).png

Close the tab.

Screenshot (7)

Enjoy your new background!

Screenshot (8).png


To change the size of the information/icons, you must follow the steps below.

You must be on the Desktop screen.

Screenshot (9).png

Right click on the desktop, and click on the size preference you choose.

Screenshot (10).png

And then your icons will automatically update.

Screenshot (11).png


To change the colour of your start menu and hot-bar you must follow the steps listed below.

Go to your desktop screen.

Screenshot (9)

Right click, and click on settings.

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

You then need to click on Personalisation.

Screenshot (14).png

Then on the left menu click on colours.

Screenshot (15).png

You then need to choose the colour you wish to use, then close the tab. I chose yellow, then it appeared like this.

Screenshot (16).png


To create a shortcut you must navigate to an application, file or folder you wish to make a shortcut to. You then need to right click and on the floating menu, you need to click create shortcut. It will then give you the option to make one on the desktop, or on the start menu.


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