Configuration – Startup and Power Options

When you startup your computer or laptop, you will want to know how to edit programs on startup and also the power options you have available. The way to access startup applications is to:

Go onto your desktop.

Screenshot (18).png

Click CTRL + ALT + Delete and select task manager.

Screenshot (19).png

From the menu you need to click startup on the tabs at the top.

Screenshot (20).png

From here you can enable or disable any of the startup applications on the computer, and also have information with regards to how much of an impact it has on the startup.

For power options, you need to enter the BIOS as your computer starts. Then when greeted with the BIOS menu, you have to use the arrow keys or mouse to navigate to power options. Click, or tap enter and choose the option that you want to choose. Then click on the save and exit tabs, either with your mouse or with the arrow keys and enter. Save and exit.


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