Escalation Procedures

Escalation procedures are the steps that are to be followed if the contractual agreement is not followed. In my case this would be that I receive the correct copy of FireFox. This means that the I needs to inform the company and then the website arranges the download for me. I must follow their installation process for it to work. Meeting deadlines or having delay must be appropriate and correct. This could cause loss of service if something out of ordinary nature happens, meaning that I could miss a deadline and means that i would give a negative review, i.e. Yelp.


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  • Capabilities of loading facilities
  • Media
  • Speed
  • Connection
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Software requirements
  • Loading facility
  • Backing up the current system
  • Selection / upgrade procedures to be followed
  • Following processes
  • Contractual constraints
  • Obtaining access
  • Testing installation / upgrade
  • Delivery
  • Software storage locations to be used
  • Communications
  • Information recording
  • Security
  • Confidentiality

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Unit 13.3 P4

Installing Firefox Tutorial!

For unit 13.3 P4, we have to use screenshots or video evidence to capture the installation of a software onto a personal or device provided by the college. I personally chose to install Firefox onto an old laptop of mine, using the internet.

Tutorial! (Subtitles hold the information and sequence)