Loading Facilities

The loading facilities need to be the best suitors to the needs of the system, for example a new network without internet access will need a memory stick (USB) or disk as they will not have the availability of using the internet that early in their systems development. If a computer in college for example has no disk drive then it would need to be via internet or USB. It has to be the correct and appropriate loading facility for that system. I used the internet as my loading facility, and my download speed wasn’t the best as it was bottle necking through my wireless receiver, due to it being old and not accepting more than 400kb/s. This was also helped by a slow connection due to being a long way away from my router.


Unit 13.3 P4

Installing Firefox Tutorial!

For unit 13.3 P4, we have to use screenshots or video evidence to capture the installation of a software onto a personal or device provided by the college. I personally chose to install Firefox onto an old laptop of mine, using the internet.

Tutorial! (Subtitles hold the information and sequence)