Test Plan

My test plan for the system, everything went according to plan, with only a couple minor hiccups, that were solved as quickly as possible, with simple fixes. The fixes were simply user error, and the system performed perfectly, as expected.

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User feedback

From my survey, i got a fairly similar result from all users. The results all said the same thing, meaning the upgrades people would like to see would be very similar.

In the slideshow below, you can fee from the first question to the last question. The results all say the same thing.

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  1. Is the system able to carry out your normal daily tasks?

    Answer – 100% – Yes

  2. Does the system’s speed dip when doing intensive tasks, due to the 4Gb of RAM?

    Answer – 100% – No

  3. Have you found any issues whilst using it?

    Answer – 100% – No

  4. Are you able to use the Windows 7 operating system effectively, or is it too out of date, give a reason why.

    Replies: ‘

    • ‘I find it too out of date, and feel asa though it can no longer compare to the newer windows 8 and 10.’ – Respondent 1
    • ‘Too out of date. some software does not run on it.’ – Respondent 2
    • ‘Windows 7 works fine, however it will need upgrading relatively soon as extended support is ending in 2020, leaving the system vulnerable from then on.’ – Respondent 3
    • ‘it works perfectly for all tasks given’ – Respondent 4
  5. Do all of the peripherals work?

    Answer – 100% – Yes

  6. How would you rate this system?

    Answer – Overall 8/10

Upgrades to be done.

With the results i have been given, the change i will do is to upgrade the operating system, to ‘future proof’ the system a little more. As stated in the results, it is a bit outdated, and could do with an upgrade. This change shouldn’t be too expensive, as it requires only buying a distribution copy, and sharing it among all the systems.