To defrag a Hard Drive, you need to follow the steps below.

You have to defrag your hard drive to keep it in optimum condition. Doing this can improve the speed, and efficiency of your computer.

  1. You need to go on your Desktop, and search for defrag. It will then come up with All the available options, for defraging your hard drive.
  2. For me on my setup, i have multiple hard drives connected.
  3. Click on the hard drive you want to defrag.
  4. Analyse the hard drive that you want to defrag, then once its done, click on defrag, and wait for it to be complete.


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Replacing consumables

It is important to replace consumables as soon as your done with whatever it is your using. Because you don’t want to leave it to the next person to do. Below you can see the steps i took to get some paper, and stick it in the printer. These tasks need to be carried out for efficient working to be able to continue.

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Deleting temporary files

Instead of deleting temp files myself. I have a program that will do it for me, CCleaner. ( All i have to do is launch the program, analyze the results to make sure there isn’t anything i don’t want to delete there, then click run cleaner. It takes the hassle away from me having to navigate into the different files, and let it do it for me.

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Organisation, Naming, Deletion and Archiving of files


In the following slideshow you can see on the left hand side. The process i took to create an archive folder, and inside i compressed a folder i had, called GoPro. This then became a tiny size compared to the original 9.7Gb.  All of the data is no archived, in case i need it at some point, but is stored away tidily, yet ins’t taking up as much space.

To start with, i chose the drive i wanted to use. This i felt the best option would be my standard WDblack hard drive. This is the drive i use to record my videos onto, and edit them on. Due to its size i felt like it would be appropriate to use for a drive to archive items in a compressed state in.  I then used a simple right click to create a folder, and copied and pasted the GoPro folder over. Then again, used a simple right click to be able to compress the file. Then deleted the original large file.

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To rename files, all you need to do is double click on the name, or right click on the file/document and click rename, type in the name, and click enter. The following slideshow will show you the process i took to rename a word document.

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To delete a file, all you have to do is, right click, and click delete. Then either accept or deny the warning message.

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